Medical Organizer - Your Key to Better Health

Medical Organizer - Your Key to Better Health

A medical organizer is simply a tool to store all of your medical information. They can be paper-based medical records, internet-based on a secure server, or contained on a portable device such as a USB flash-drive.


Taking an active role in your own medical treatment may be one of the most important decisions of your life. The use of a medical organizer will assist you in monitoring your condition as well as enhance your understanding of your treatment. A medical organizer will be your personal tool to effectively enter into a full partnership with your physician and many other health care professionals. This partnership and deliberate use of a medical organizer will allow you to:

1. Become more informed about your treatment options.

2. Learn more about your condition.

3. Learn how to manage your condition more effectively.


Learn how to avoid acute episodes.

5. Increase your sense of well being, and

6. Become empowered rather than victim to your condition.

Quicker Recovery from Illness & Better Health Outcomes

Today it is essential for patients and doctors to be partners in health care. A good partnership with your doctor begins with open communication. Studies show that patients who communicate well with their doctors actually recover more quickly from illness. Research also suggests that patients who take a more active role in visits with their physicians may have a greater sense of control and better health outcomes.

The American Society of Internal Medicine estimates that 70% of a correct diagnosis depends on what the patient tells the doctor. It has been shown that the simple act of making a list of questions before an office visit will improve communication by helping you organize your thoughts.

Sharing the list with your doctor will further improve communication by making your concerns clear.

Effective Information Gathering

Most of us want as much information as possible from our physician but lack the techniques necessary to obtain this information. The use of a medical organizer will be your guide to more effective information gathering and more conversation with your physician. You will find that you will be able to reduce recall error by using a medical organizer. It will also provide a detailed and continuous record of individual health. Use this valuable information to get the best from your interaction with health care professionals.

Medical organizers are a great tool to promote effective communication with all of your health care providers.

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