Medicine & Health Products Merchants Predicament And Prospects - Medical, Health Care Products -

Medicine & Health Products Merchants Predicament And Prospects - Medical, Health Care Products -
Editor's Note: Present, medical health care products for enterprises, "the sound of advertising, tons of gold" back of the fever has become a symbol of an era of memory; rely on one mode of operation will be able to earn the two markets, "homebuilders excess "golden age of drifted away.

Irregular business practices overdraft tomorrow's medical and health care markets; commercial over-development to the predatory "sunrise industry" seriously weakened. Medicine and health products companies and distributors are not standard for the previous "pay": investment difficult, marketing more difficult.

Winter in the industry, medicine and health products investment required more effort than ever before, from investment planning to the operational design of the negotiations from the investment management of all aspects of the market have put forward higher requirements. Research investment dilemma, to explore possible solutions to pharmaceutical and healthcare products to promote the sound development of investment, is this issue's special plan in mind. 2006 will be the medical and health products industry, purification and clearance of the year, many businesses will face a severe test. Rainy day, so plan early, may be taken of the lead company.

Dilemma Chinese health products bundled investment of eight rope We all know, medical and health care investment process is a process of self-publicity. The question is: whether businesses in the investment process full use of all resources and means of marketing integration? Whether to use this opportunity to give themselves a leap-style development? Both from 2005's "Mongolian Trade Fair", or to the August Nanjing Yaojiao Hui, business investment scenarios are not optimistic.

Present, in terms of investment of the enterprises has become increasingly important, but more and more difficult. In short, medical and health products investment, not good to do!

As competition intensifies and the disadvantages of conventional operating practices surfaced, medicine healthcare products are a great investment challenges. A long-time research, blue Chilean foreign bodies found in Colombia and pharmaceutical health care products companies bundled investment of 8 ropes.

Rope Article 1: purpose unknown, location not allowed
"Purpose is swindling money." This is not a clear answer.
Investment marketing purposes we divided into three kinds: First, money withdrawn from circulation, relieve stress; second against competitors and expand market share; third was to reinforce the old market and increase competitiveness.

Business investment objective must be the product characteristics of enterprises, enterprise resource planning capacity, competitive products enterprise and competition situation, to develop a comprehensive assessment of realistic investment goals. Different investment objective, investment approach will naturally be different. There is no clear investment objectives and practical business plans, how can make investment work?

In addition, investment planning is the first step in the process of investment, while the investment objective of the investment plan is the first step. Only goal-setting, and planning can be targeted. Targeting three aspects? First, what is the objective to be achieved; the second, then around the targets all the work; third, whether the target was achieved.

Rope Article 2: Planning empty, propaganda fatigue
The survey found that: Although more and more enterprises realize the importance of investment planning, but still of 39% of enterprises in the investment front, without any planning on investment products, or planning skills, and too weak.

Investment ad copy, lacking substance, not a novelty for most products, reasonable and eye-catching attraction and core differentia; feature film that not the point, put in very strong randomness; sudden outbursts of some products, such as x drop Sugar capsules, etc., without any strategy at all. Even a simple plan, but also most of the planning case patchwork "piled."

In the current situation of intense market competition, the enterprises to plan their own products through the business planning line of display products unique to the dealer differentiated marketing strategies and tactics, has become an important partner dealers selected indicators is also a large number of medicines, health products company stand out in the investment know-how.

If enterprises can not make efforts in product planning, can not form a selling point, there are core differences in the case of the product brochure, prospective dealers would like to obtain renminbi, very difficult.

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