Common Insomnia Medication - A Medication List

Common Insomnia Medication - A Medication List

Insomniacs and doctors are one in saying that the most common approach in treating insomnia is through the intake of medication. This is the easy road that is often taken by anyone affected by this sleeping disorder. And this is often the option that is prescribed by a great number of doctors in the field. In all cases, the medications that are prescribed by health professionals are often taken shortly before the person will go to bed. If a person is taking sleeping aids and medications, then it is a suggestion not to take and to perform activities that require utmost concentration.

For example, the patient should not drive after he has taken the medications. This will only lead to an accident and can only complicate matters. As mentioned, it is always a best thing to take these medications a few minutes before hitting the bed. The taking of these medications are often performed in combination with good sleeping practices- like the proper arrangement of the room and having peace of mind.

When you think of the medications that can be used against insomnia, there are a lot of names and labels that will come into the discussion. Here we list some of these popular medications- what these medications do best and how these medications are taken.

Medications used to treat insomnia

· Ambien. The intake of this medication will help the person fall asleep. There is another version of this medication and this is known as the Ambien CR. This newest release of the medication will help a person get to sleep in 15 to 30 minutes. The intake of this medication is not suggested for persons who get a good amount of rest every night- like 7 to 8 hours.

· Lunesta. The patient who takes this medication can go to sleep for around 7 to 8 hours. There is a side effect though and this is true for those who can get a good night sleep. The problem is grogginess and this should be avoided

· Rozerem. This is a new medication released that can be used to treat the sleeping disorder. This targets the sleep-wake cycle and this means that this will not cause depression. This is best taken by those having trouble getting to sleep. This is safe in a sense that this can be prescribed for use over a long period of time and the person cannot develop dependence on the drug.

· Sonata. This is just one of the many sleeping pills out there. This is active in the body for a brief period of time, and you can take one again if you cannot still fall asleep.

· The benzodiazepines. These are sleeping pills that are available in the market for a long time now. the intake of these medications are best for persons who want medications that work over time in the system

Other medications for insomnia include the anti-depressants and the over-the-counter sleeping aids. But if you are going to use these medications, make sure that these are prescribed by doctors. It is also best to read the labels and the warnings set by the FDA.

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