Should Games Be Educational?

Should Games Be Educational?

How much do you think about the games that you're children are playing? When we see children having fun, we naturally find it pleasing. It's nice to see them discover new games and using imagination to make them seem even more exciting.

But there has recently been a lot of discussion about the educational value of games and activities. Some experts suggest that play offers the opportunity for kids to learn. Does this mean that they can't have fun at the same time? It surely shouldn't have this implication.

It seems that this does throw up some issues for parents. We may already be spending a lot of time thinking about the health of our kids. We may wonder whether they are getting enough exercise. There are also plenty of studies being carried out into the food that children eat. As parents, we may be concerned about the health benefits of particular food groups.

Playing games has always seemed perfectly natural.

We may have been pleased to think that this is an area that has been relatively untouched by thoughts about whether or not we are doing the best for our children. But times are changing and all elements of parenting seem to be coming under the microscope.

So how do we tackle this issue? We could choose to simply ignore it. Children have played games since the beginning of time. Have they suffered as a result of their parents not considering the educational value of those games? It would seem strange to argue that a lack of such considerations has caused any real problems.

It could also be acknowledged, however, that we do now have more information available about the impact that childhood has on our adult lives. We want to give our kids the best possible start in life. So maybe we shouldn't just ignore the potential that games offer in terms of helping our children to learn.

You need to strike a balance that's right for you and your kids. If they enjoy games that also happen to offer educational value, then this seems like a good thing.

But what if they don't? There doesn't seem to be any particular reason to worry. After all, children seem to learn from almost any activity.

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