canestan medication

canestan medication


Canestan happens to be an anti-fungal drugs widely used for treating the infection caused due to the fungus  for instance vaginal candida problem, infection at the mouth  as well as the ringworm. It could also be helpful in treating the feet and jock itchiness of an athlete's. Canesten is composed of chlotimazole that helps to stop the fungus to develop into the skin.


How to use Canestan?

Online Canestan 1 medication should be used as it is suggested by the medical specialist or according to the instructions that is given in the label of the medication. Patient who does not get the prescription given in the medicinal guide should seek the advice from their doctor.

The patient should at first clean the hand before and after applying this medication if you are applying with your hand. This medication should be applied twice in a day at-least for 4 weeks.Online Clotrimazole generic should be used regularly even if you feel well so that the symptoms may not occur again. Patient while using this medication ask the doctor whether to cover the infected areas or not. The patient should be careful so that the medication may not come in contact with the eyes nose or mouth. This medication should be kept in dry and in cool atmosphere away from heat light and moisture.


Side effects of Canestan

All medicines can have side effects. Sometimes they are serious, most of the time they are not.

This medication may is not estimated to cause unwanted  serious side effects though the patient should administer the medication cautiously and consult the medical specialist if you see any unwanted side effect with this medication. This medication may cause the extreme scorching, itchy feeling or may make the skin to peel off. The patient may also encounter with the skin of getting dried, swollen skin and may cause the irritation at the skin

Things to be careful of:

Tell your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible if you do not feel well or have an unwanted side effect while you are using Online Canestan medication.


Other Information

If you have any further questions on your Canestan treatment, or are unsure of any of the above information, please see your doctor or dispensing pharmacist who will be able to assist you.



All medicines have benefits and risks. Your doctor has thought about the benefits of you using Canestan and the risks that may be involved are


You must tell your doctor if:

You are using any other prescribed or prescribed medication
You are applying herbal products
You are taking supplementary diet
You are pregnant or planning to get pregnant
You are breast feeding the child








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