"medical And Health Institutions For Interim Measures Of Social Donation"

"medical And Health Institutions For Interim Measures Of Social Donation"

Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities health bureau, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Health Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the Department of Affiliated (tube) units, departments, organs of various departments of the Council: To encourage the community to donate

funded health development, financing and regulate donor recipient recipients and strengthen the medical and health institutions for financing social donations of property management, protection of donor funding and the recipient of the legitimate rights and interests of the recipients, the Ministry of Health and the State Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed "medical and health institutions for financing social donations Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as "measures"). In the "measures" the drafting of the development process, has consulted the Ministry of Supervision, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Civil Affairs, Audit Commission, SAIC, the State Food and Drug Administration and the State Council Legislative Affairs Office and other departments, and commercial bribery in business leading the Central Group Office agreed.

Now "approach," issued to you, please comply. The implementation of the event, please timely feedback.

Annex: Medical and health institutions to accept donations funded the community Interim Measures

Chapter I General Provisions First donor funding to encourage community health services, regulate donor funding and recipient clients, protect recipients of donor funding and the legitimate interests of the recipient, according to "The People's Republic of China Law donation for public welfare" and "Chinese people Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the Republic, "such laws and regulations, combined with medical and health care practice, formulated.

Article The term medical and health institutions, means established by law, with independent legal personality, engaged in medical and health service activities, not-for-profit medical and health institutions (including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine and the National Medical institutions , the same below).

The term social donation funded, is a natural person, legal persons and other organizations (hereinafter referred to as donor sponsors) voluntary unpaid medical and health institutions to provide funds or materials, and other forms of support and help.

Third donated medical and health institutions for social assistance must comply with national laws, regulations, and voluntary unpaid principle, consistent with public purposes. Shall not prejudice the public interest and legitimate rights and interests of citizens, shall not affect the acceptance of conditions for fair competition with donations funding may not be accepting donations funded the procurement of goods and (services) linked in any way request, assessed or assessed in disguise.

Undertake the task of government health supervision and law enforcement agencies, and supervision of enforcement shall not accept any form of donation-related funding.

Article corporate medical and health institutions must be donated on behalf of recipients of social assistance, donor financing of property must be legal entities to use the unified management of the financial sector.

Medical and health institutions and individuals within the functional departments are prohibited from accepting donations funding. Special circumstances, the donor's request to subsidize individual donations funded, should be pre-approval to the reporting unit leadership, and unified management of the financial sector into the unit to use. Article

community medical and health institutions to accept donations of property and its value-added financing belong to social and public property, in accordance with the relevant State provisions, any unit or individual may encroach upon misappropriation or damage. Article

timely public health agencies to the situation and the recipient recipient recipient recipient's use of property, management, and accept social supervision.

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