Alternative Education Programs

Alternative Education Programs

The chief aim of education is nothing, but a proper and efficient transmission of knowledge, morals, ethics, values, skills, etc… from one generation to another. Alternative education programs are unconventional and non-traditional education programs, which adopt a totally new approach in the process of teaching and learning and this program has emerged due to the failure of traditional education programs in fulfilling their basic aim.The modern outlook toward the fundamentals of teaching has brought this change in the education system.The dissatisfaction among teachers, students, philosophers, etc… with the conventional education program is the primary reason that has led to the introduction of this form of education program.These education programs offer the students the assistance and facility, which they require to succeed, but are not offered by the traditional system.

Alternative schools are the schools which prefer non-traditional education programs to the traditional education programs.These schools provide students with a more elastic education program than the traditional programs.The basic features of alternative education programs are less strength of class, minimum teacher/ student ratio, closer relationship between student and teacher,flexible curriculum,all round development of the student,proper balance of practical and theoretical knowledge, academic counseling,etc… These features make it possible for the students to succeed, which was not happening for them in the traditional system.The increase in the number of students failing to achieve desired results in the traditional programs has increased the number of students opting for the non-traditional kinds of educational program.These programs also cater to the needs of students who are economically weak and belong to the underprivileged section of the society.The curriculum of this education program is not limited,but covers almost all the courses like computer application training, management training,professional development,health sciences, human services,etc...

Home based education is also a new kind of unconventional education program,which includes teaching by parents or sometimes even private instructors.

There are few limitations to this education system like it is difficult to employ and keep better qualified teachers,there is restricted staff availability,need for new teaching schemes, etc... However the advantages outrun the limitations,which make this education program a successful innovation.It has made receiving proper education possible for the students who could not have otherwise received the same.More research needs to be done about these education programs so that their limitations can be known and eradicated.

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