Medical Insurance For Seniors-seniors Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance For Seniors-seniors Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance for Seniors

When shopping for Medical Insurance for Seniors, there are three keys to getting the best medical insurance.

At Age 65 most people qualify for Medicare. What Other Kinds of Medical Insurance do Seniors Need?

There are 3 keys to getting the best medical insurance for anyone age 65 and older:

1.Keep in mind that there are certain dates that Medicare has that you need to remember.
2.You can select between a Medigap or Medicare Advantage Plan.
3.You need to select the best plan for your particular situation.

The important Medicare dates that you need to remember are shown below:
1.Your 65th Birthday – You can enroll 3 months before your 65th birthday and up to 3 months after your birthday.
2.October 1 – The date when Medicare first allows plans to tell you about their coverage choices and plan benefits for the upcoming year. This is your opportunity to consider costs and coverage choices before the annual election period begins.
3.November 15 to December 31 – The annual election period. During this time you can enroll in Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans. You also have the opportunity to switch from your current plan or to return to your original Medicare.
4.January 1 to February 15 - During this time you can un-enroll from a Medicare Advantage Plan and return to original Medicare Parts A and B.
Determining whether to choose Medigap with Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage can be confusing.

Medigap with original Medicare is a private health insurance that covers the gaps in original Medicare. There are 10 different plans , Plans A through N and these plans are standardized although the prices vary between different insurance carriers.

With a Medicare Advantage Plan you do not need a Medigap Policy. The plan may cover more than Medicare and you may have lower out-of-pocket expenses.

When Choosing a Medigap Plan consider Plans A through N and look at the deductibles, the co-pays and co-insurance and the excess charges (fees that your doctor may charge you over and above what Medicare allows).

When choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan you can select from Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee-for-Service Plans and Medical Savings Account Plans

It’s best to speak with a professional advisor when making these decisions. And you can do so by calling 1-866-681-7712 to speak with an advisor at Medigap Advisors. As the nation’s leading independent agency specializing in Medical Insurance Plans for Seniors, MediGap Advisors can show you how you can save money with the best Medigap or Medicare Advantage plan that fit your needs and your situation.

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