Medical Billing

Medical Billing
Medical billing is the procedure where a claim is submitted to an insurance company and later followed up on. The claim is generally for services provided by a health care professional. Majority of the insurance companies uses the same medical billing procedure despite being a private company or a government owned insurance company.
In essence the medical billing process comes about after a patient has visited the doctor or hospital and utilized their services, then provides their insurance information for the health care company to contact their insurance company and claim for the money, thus the medical billing process falls between the healthcare provider and the insurance company.
When the patient visits the doctor or hospital, their will be a record that contains their personal information and medical history. After a qualified member of the healthcare staff determines what treatment will be administered and the lever of service that will be offered, that information will be added to the file for insurance claim purposes. They will add the information to the file in the form of a CPT code this a set of codes that is maintained by the American Medical Association to describe specific types of medical procedures. Even the spoken diagnosis will have a code for itself and that will also be added to the file to facilitate the insurance claim processing.
Most often companies start medical billing and medical coding in house; the company focuses on both routes and provides services accordingly. If you are eager to be a medical coder then you should have acquired the training course in medical coding. In order to get a course you can get a course or training from any online instruction or from your local medical university and get a certificate and start the practice. Most people think that medical billing and medical coding are same fields, which is wrong; if you are to join a medical billing company you should have specialization in the respective field as medical coding is very different from medical billing.

Your medical billing and coding salary depends on different factors such as your qualification, experience, and practice. If you have a degree and certificate in medical billing then you are to manage various set of tasks at your desk. You get filed coded on the desk while a medical coder is one who has to code the files. So, billing and coding has a lot of difference in terms of work genre and management. There are now tons of virtual universities offering medical billing courses; this is your discretion as in which training course you want to take part. You may also get classes for medical specialization; upon certificate from the institution you have to pass another national exam for earning authentic certificate.

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