Non Medical and Medical Hair Restoration Options

Non Medical and Medical Hair Restoration Options

Hair restoration stems from the fact that one may not be happy with the appearance of a balding, or thinning out of the hair on ones head, and of course a large number of products exist that promise immediate or delayed hair restoration with consistent use. What we, as consumers, have to be aware of is the fact that our chemical balances, and imbalances, differ from person to person. Therefore one product may work for a specific person or group of people, and it may not be as effective in others. This does not mean that we must give up after the first attempt of hair restoration.

The hair restoration process can begin with dietary intake of sufficient naturally occurring products and vitamins, such as the well known saw palmetto herb and vitamin B7, also known as Biotin. This would truly represent the starting point of attempting in restoring your hair.

There are also foods that can aid in this, which include liver, legumes, nuts and whole grains, amongst others. These are often recommended by nutritionists for strengthening both hair and nails.

In addition to the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals mentioned above, products such as Provillus have also hit the market, with apparently quite a decent success rate. These types of products are also natural products, which aid in blocking a certain type of testosterone, which has been linked to hair loss, and can therefore aid in the hair restoration process. Reviews of these products can be found across the internet, and it seems to be more positive than negative, although one or two people have claimed that these do not work as well for them, as they have personally seen it work for others, once again highlighting the difference in our metabolism and chemical processes.

There are also products available, which are chemically, and naturally, formulated to aid in increasing the volume of the hair, and to help prevent the loss of hair; which can also be implemented in your chosen hair restoration route.

An example of this type of product includes the Korres magnesium and amino acid product, which an complex of vitamins, amino acids and vegetable extracts, all focused on the hair restoration process.

Beyond the natural route, described above, the medical hair restoration process is another option for consideration. This involves the transplanting of hair, from a region on the scalp that is not affected by balding to that region that is. Although this process can be considered somewhat costly, the results are normally phenomenal and therefore the increased popularity of this method. Bear in mind that the associated discomfort of healing after a surgical procedure accompanies such an option.

Whichever route you choose to take do not be disheartened or put off by the lack of results, but rather consider other options to help you achieve your hair restoration goals and objectives.

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