Medical Alarms

Medical Alarms
Medical alarms are one of the greatest forms of technology to ensure the quality of life for senior citizens, physically challenged persons, and recovering patients. With a medical alarm, individuals can stay in their homes and maintain an independent lifestyle without being isolated. With this system, our medical alarms can give our customers freedom and security at the same time. If an emergency arises, the medical alarm pendant will immediately connect the customer to a Life Safety Operator who can send help.

A medical alarm isn’t limited to those who live alone. Our product gives freedom to live-in caregivers as well. If you are living with someone who can’t live alone, the medical alarm will allow caregivers to be outside to mow the lawn, rake leaves, garden, take a dip in the pool, or even run errands without having to worry about their loved one being alone. Medical alarms can provide freedom to entire families, not just the person wearing the medical alarm.

There are many medical alarm systems on the market, but getting a medical alarm through Automated Security Alert Systems is an unsurpassed investment. We install the medical alarm equipment in your home and test it to make sure that everything is working perfectly and that the person using the medical alarm knows how to use the system. Automated Security Alert provides a price match guarantee on all competing medical alarm supply companies in your area. Just remember that one of the most important aspects of having a medical alarm system is to get one before it’s needed.

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