Medical Business Systems Secure Your Medical Records

Medical Business Systems Secure Your Medical Records
Medical Business Systems also provides solutions for electronic medical records, electronic data interchange, practice management system and other IT support service to the healthcare providing companies in New York and its surroundings. MBS offers the support with the steps in making the IT operations more efficient, streamlined and cost effective. The do so in following manners:

Need Assessment and Plan the sales team member of MBS discuss your business need, your budget and the time-line. With this information they make the software, support and necessary hardware which help in planning the system conversion.

System Implementation MBS experts take care of all the hardware, network setups and software and provide the onsite training to the employees. They also offer the preparatory training in their classrooms and also online training programs which enable the employees fully utilize the new system from the beginning.

Flexible customer support option their software and hardware teams provide prompt help in case of any system related problems with telephonic assistance and on site visit by their specialists. They also have a 24 hr customer support system. The additional services include customization of the system and integration with the website.

Consulting and Project Management Services when the business of their client grows, the system needs to accommodate the growing demands. Their consulting & Project management service helps the companies re assess the IT needs and decide the changes required. They help in planning and implementation of the smooth transition when a change in software or hardware is needed.

Custom reporting and Modifications MBS programming staff work to make the customized modification to the software system, which allows the companies to generate the custom reports and perform the large data conversation.

Website Service - The website service of MBS includes web designing, hosting, search engine optimization & integration of system. A friendly website helps in attracting more patients and allows the companies offer other valuable service to the customers through secure web patient portals designed by Medical Business Systems.

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