Should China Promise Its Citizens Free Education, Health Care, and Pension

Should China Promise Its Citizens Free Education, Health Care, and Pension

The Chinese People are starting to wake up and question their government, and they are using the Internet and seeing what else people in other countries have. They want things too, and they are making these desires well known. But if you think the United States has a tough time trying to appease the masses and pay for health care, social security, and other things just think if we had a population the size of China; 1.3 Billion stated, who knows the actual number.

How can China work out a system to provide all these things to their citizens? The reality is they can't, and so they must level with their people and create strength in the individual, and a sense of self reliance.

In The United States our citizens have not felt entitled to everything they want, or demand that the government give it to them. In fact, up until just recently perhaps the FDR the US citizen was reliant upon himself, and his family.

They did not rely on the government to give him anything, nor did they ask for anything, and they certainly didn't want anything.

When citizens rely on the government for everything they become weak. Thomas Jefferson which is one of our founding fathers once said;

"Any government that is large enough to give you everything you want, is large enough to take everything that you have."

Perhaps, this is something China should consider as they move forward and try to deal with free education, health care and pensions for their aging population. Please think on this.

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