Nursing Education - A Welcome Addition To The Health Industry

Nursing Education - A Welcome Addition To The Health Industry

The education of nurses does not stop once they graduate and get their nursing degree. There is a wealth of opportunities for nurses who pursue a nursing continuing education; whatever nursing degree you have finished there is always a higher education for you.

Requirement For License Renewal

One of the reasons why some pursue nursing continuing education is that in some states it is a requirement for nurses to renew their license.  This is to make sure that the nurses in the state are constantly updated on the most modern hospital technology. Nursing continuing education also updates the skills of the nurses in the rendering of their services to the patients.

Higher Education

A holder of an associate degree qualifies as a practical nurse or a registered nurse but in order to qualify for higher positions, you must go back to school for some additional education.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is the next level to the associate degree. Higher than that is the Master's Degree in Nursing which is a requirement if you want to become a licensed nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse or a nurse practitioner. A Master's Degree will give you the opportunity to specialize in a specific field of nursing like mental health, intensive care or geriatrics among others. The highest degree is the doctorate degree. You can get your doctorate in certain fields like education, philosophy or nursing science. Getting a doctorate will give you the chance to be on the top of your profession as a nurse. A doctorate degree qualifies you for administrative positions.

Higher Position

Additional education is an advantage if you want to pursue a higher position in your workplace. This gives you an edge over the other applicants for the position you are aspiring for. The higher the position you aspire for, the higher is the degree required. Although there are instances when a higher degree is not required for a promotion, nursing continuing education will still make sure that you have a higher chance at getting the promotion.

Online Courses

Nursing continuing education requires hours of school work which is not an easy task if you are still working at a hospital. Going to school straight from your shift will leave you no time to sleep. The good news is that, nursing continuing education is now available online. You can finish your higher education over the internet. This will make sure that you can balance your career and education without sacrificing one or the other.

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