Medical Record Review For Independent Medical Examiners

Medical Record Review For Independent Medical Examiners

Medical record review services are offered for independent medical examiners and also for attorneys, legal, medical industries, and plaintiff. Such solutions are also available for a host of medical specialties including nonsurgical obesity, low vision rehabilitation, special investigations, cognitive therapy, autism related services, occupational therapy, chiropractic solutions, musculoskeletal solutions, physical therapy, bariatric surgery, and spinal fusion. The medical record review specialist performs a review of all available hospital medical records, X-rays, depositions, physician records, affidavits, and so on.

Medical Record Review – Customer Gets Valuable Insight

By way of quality medical record reviews, assistance can be given for problems like wrongful death, criminal, medical malpractice, worker's compensation, products liability, environmental law, personal injury, and toxic torts.

The professional reviews benefit the customer by giving him/her information or insight that can be followed.

A Host of Advantages for Independent Medical Examiners

Some of the worthwhile advantages that one stands to gain when utilizing medical review services for independent medical examiners are:

•  Dedicated workforce.
•  Quality assurance which is achieved through strict protocols.
•  Impartial and plausible opinions.
•  Confidentiality of patient information and HIPAA compliance.
•  It can be established as to whether there is any merit in defending a specific medical case.
•  Timelines, chronologies, and medical issue summaries can be created.
•  Customized turnaround.
•  Audit trail.
•  Receptive customer assistance.

Make a Wise Choice of Service Provider

Some of the topics on which importance may be laid as part of medical record review for independent medical examiners are patient condition when the accident happened, medical treatments that may be needed at a later time, whether the care provided by a particular healthcare service for a particular injury was correct or not, current diagnoses, and referrals to suitable specialist witnesses. To conclude, it is worth remembering to choose wisely when looking for a good provider of medical record review for independent medical examiners.

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