Health Insurance in Florida Provides Medical Breakthroughs

Health Insurance in Florida Provides Medical Breakthroughs

As Florida's physicians embrace new medical breakthroughs in technology, Florida health insurance is key for state residents to take advantage of the new procedures. That's truer than ever now that Florida residents may be among the first in the country to benefit from recent advances in imaging and radiology technologies.

Just becoming available in June of 2010, a new device is already enabling doctors to treat arteries and veins that can't be seen with the naked eye. Dubbed the Vein Viewer, this new technology uses infrared light to image red blood cells. That allows video cameras to capture and project images onto the patient's skin with the use of computers. Here's why this new technology is a breakthrough for patients as well as doctors.

"Without this sophisticated viewing technology, physicians can only see the veins on the surface," says Dr.

William Julien, an endovascular surgeon and President of South Florida Vascular Associates in Margate. Julien is one of just six physicians in the nation to embrace the new technology. He is also the first doctor in South Florida to use the Vein Viewer for his patients.

This is an example of why it is important to investigate the doctors and hospitals that are considered to be "in-network" when you're shopping for health insurance in Florida. With higher out-of-pocket costs for out-of-network healthcare providers, you're more likely to only benefit from the services available from in-network providers. Whenever you're comparing Florida health insurance plans, be sure to consider the provider network you will actually be getting.

New Medical Imaging Technology Can Help Cancer Patients

In Julien's practice, the Vein Viewer has guided physicians to perform a procedure called sclerotherapy. That's where spider veins are eliminated with injections of caustic chemicals. According to Julien, the new technology is "like being Superman and having X-ray vision."

The Vein Viewer helps in many situations where veins are difficult to locate with the naked eye, such as for cancer patients whose veins have been weakened by chemotherapy. Hospital staff can use this new technology when administering chemotherapy, drawing blood, inserting I.V.s or when searching for veins in dialysis patients.

Patients will benefit because the device shows doctors precisely where to access a vein. That helps to alleviate multiple stress-causing needle jabs and the subsequent bruising and pain some patients experience.

Advances In Imaging And Radiology Can Help Prevent Strokes

Another technological advance in the area of imaging and radiology is helping with carotid artery stenting, which is used to prevent strokes. This type of carotid artery stenting also has the potential to improve executive brain functions, including memory and mental acuity.

In this procedure, a stent is used to widen a carotid artery that has been narrowed by plaque. Prior to the angioplasty, a tiny filter is used to remove dislodged particles that could contribute to deteriorating mental function. New studies have shown that "a patient with reduced mental function…may have a narrowing of the carotid artery that no one may be aware of," according to Julien. New imaging technology could help doctors to screen for this problem.

Another benefit of the new technology is a reduced need for major surgery. Technological imaging advances help surgeons cut down on critical surgery time. Reducing the amount of time that patients must endure surgery means that patients typically need less time for recovery plus patients are likely to experience less pain following surgery.

Without the "right" health insurance for Florida, you won't be able to benefit from these and other medical breakthroughs. When you're reviewing Florida health insurance quotes, remember the real reason you're getting health insurance. That's to get the quality care you need and that means you need to consider which doctors and hospitals you'll have access to before you buy.

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