Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records

Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records

Before we go on to discuss the ample benefits that are offered by electronic medical records. Let us first understand the difference between Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health records (EHR) in the true sense? Well both of the terms are mostly used interchangeably. EMR or EHR both are digital records which are maintained by your doctor or physician, insurance company or any other Healthcare organization. These records are generally legalized and computerized in nature. You can store, manipulate as well retrieve data using the electronic medical records.

You can access these records from anywhere all you need is a computer system or any hand held device like tablet PC or an iPhone and an internet connection. You might be thinking if these records are so easily available online then is it secure? For those wondering over the data security concerns of using electronic medical records in their practices should know that EMR software comes with SSL to make sure that data is transferred in secure manner hence making EMR a completely secure way to maintain patient’s records, his medication history, billing information, other notes related to medical transcription, etc. Yes, it does require a lot of infrastructure to set up a fast running EMR but at the same time, it brings to you benefits galore.

Let us discuss the several benefits assured by EMR. The first one being speed in terms of managing information in a given healthcare setup. Thus, you will be able to take care of different patient complaints in a very fast manner and it becomes possible for you to invest in much more meaningful activities that is taking care of your patients. You can store extensive information through these electronic records thus it solves many of your problems at one go because you can have access to data from multiple locations and healthcare facilities. So storage is the next important benefit assured for you.

It offers safety and security to your data as you can successfully create backup files for your records and you can facilitate access to those who are actually authorized. In addition to security, improves patients care is yet another benefit that EMR has in store for you. Your patients can get ready information in terms of their billing records, medication history, etc. T Most of the next generation EMR systems even allows you to download all information on a palm device and thus help you in gaining an edge in terms of information accessibility.

You can still think of other benefits such as those of easy affordability, versatility, manageability and also efficiency. This is because there is much more to the use of this medical software than only maintaining records of your patients. The more you explore, the more you gain in terms of its wonderful and exemplary benefits.

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