Frontline Medication

Frontline Medication

Frontline medication is probably one of the best ways we have of treating against fleas and ticks that can attack our pets. It will work quickly at eliminating these pests but we must use it in the correct fashion. All pet medications can be abused and we should always take care with all forms of medicines.

Always ensure that you only ever apply externally. It should never come in to contact with your pets eyes and you should always apply it in a place that your pet cannot lick. This is a very important point. You never want your pet to be able to lick the medicine. When you apply it be careful not to get it on your hands if you possibly can and be careful that it does not splash in to your eyes. If it does ever get in your eyes then you need to consult a doctor straight away. This is the case for all medicines not just frontline for Dogs or Cats.

If you keep the frontline somewhere safe and out of the reach of pets and children then there should never be a problem.

Small packets can act like a magnet to small children so have a safe place to keep it stored. Apply it carefully and use the prescribed dosage. Always think of safety when using any form of medicine, whether for pets or humans. With a few simple precautions you will keep your pet free of ticks and fleas by using frontline medication.

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