Foradil medication

Foradil medication


Foradil medication is composed of Formoterola, it is a long acting bronchodilator which in fact helps to relax the muscles of the air tract and thus help in improving the breathing problem. Foradil is required in order to avoid bronchospasm for people who have reversible obstructive air passages problems which include signs and symptoms associated with night-time asthma. It is additionally utilized in people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary problems (COPD) that include emphysema as well as chronic bronchitis.


How to use Foradil?

Online Foradil 12 mcg medication should be applied according to the prescription of the doctor.

Do not use this medication of your own as this medication may increase the asthma problem which may even lead to the death of the person if it is now used properly. This medication should be used 15 minutes prior you do the exercise and the patient should use this medication again after you have completed at-least 12 hours.  The capsule form of online Foradil 12mcg should be used only along with the device that is suggested by the medical specialist and the capsule should not be used more than one if it is not told by the doctor. The patient should remember to take all the medication suggested as this medication should be used along with the combination of other drugs as told by the medical specialist.


Side effects of Foradil

All medicines can have side effects. Sometimes they are serious, most of the time they are not.

You may need medical treatment if you experience some of the side effects such as

Pain of chest, increase or decrease of heart beat rate, restlessness, wheezing, difficulty while breathing, excessive feel like thirsty or hungry, unconditional urinating problem, dizzy feeling, anxiety, head-ache, sleeping disorder, pain of back, cramp of muscles, throat soreness, dryness of mouth, coughing problem, blocked nose and problem with voice

Things to be careful of:

Tell your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible if you do not feel well or have an unwanted side effect while you are using Foradil.


Other Information

If you have any further questions on your online Foradil medication treatment, or are unsure of any of the above information, please see your doctor or dispensing pharmacist who will be able to assist you.



All medicines have benefits and risks. Your doctor has thought about the benefits of you using Foradil and the risks that may be involved are

You must tell your doctor if:

You re allergic to food or to any other medication
You have heart problem
You are suffering from hypertension
You are suffering from epilepsy and convulsion
You have diabetes problem
You have thyroid problem





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